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John Chow Review

January 04, 2018 - 00:24

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In this post I'll go over my thoughts about John Chow. If you've never heard about him before, he's a blogger from Canada that was ranked #1 in the marketing category. He's also the top affiliate for My Top Tier Business (MTTB), a 21-step business model that teaches people how to make 4+ figure commissions in as little as 2 hours a day.

The Dot Com Lifestyle

I started reading John's blog over 5 years ago. What intrigued me about his blog was that he was running a highly successful blog that was raking in money passively. He also has a funny slogan: "I Make Money Online By Telling People How I Make Money Online". That might seem hard to believe, but he backs all of it up with proof.

When I first started my home business, the big attraction was "financial freedom". I remember going to Amway meetings and drawing those circles on the dry erase board preaching that concept. Just like many others, I became discouraged and stopped a few years later.

Years later, I joined a similar company in the financial industry. It was a great experience because I taught people how to get rid of debt and create financial security. Teaching as a financial consultant was great, but doing business was rough during the recession. Between those 2 companies, I met a lot of leaders that were "Financially Free", but they didn't have what I wanted ... something that John refers to as the Dot Com Lifestyle.

 I remember seeing people start their days early and end their days late. They said that it was their choice and that they didn't have to do it. However, the reality set in that these people were programmed do build their business in that manner. It was a culture across both companies and it came from the traditional nature of those passive income industries.

John Chow and His Dot Com Lifestyle

What I like about John's way of doing business is that it uses the power of technology and automation. With this, he can utilize these systems to create wealth. He doesn't spend many hours in a day chasing friends and family members, recruiting people, or going to opportunity meetings. After watching John work several times, I would be surprised if he even spent more than 1 or 2 hours working each day. It's not about how much work you do, it's whether or not you're getting the results that you desire from the time you invest in your business. He leverages technology to do work for him...stuff that even non-techies could apply.

The key ideas that I got from John were "Location Freedom" and "Time Freedom". 

When I was in Amway and in the financial company, they offered the opportunity to build a business almost anywhere in the world. The opportunity of "Being My Own Boss" just wasn't there. I was attending meetings and conference calls based on other peoples schedule. You would have the freedom to not attend meetings, but then you wouldn't be building your business using their system. There wasn't much location freedom either. Just like any traditional business, you build up business in a territory. Think about a typical realtor. They build up clientele in their region. With that type of business model, it's not so easy to pack up, move, and build a business in a new territory. Nobody said it was going to be easy...just simple:)

Building a Home Business the John Chow Way

With John Chow's model, a person could start building their business any time of day and virtually any place in the world...and that's from day 1! You could even build it using a mobile tablet while sitting at the beach on the other side of the world. Back in the day, I used to call prospects and schedule appointments with them. I remember making appointments in cities 4 hours away from where I lived. I was taking risks because the possible commissions were huge selling financial products. Sometimes I would drive to these cities and make money and other times people would cancel their appointments - sometimes without even letting me know:( There were many times where I would schedule appointments based on the prospects available time...and many of those appointments were around 8-10 PM because I had to wait until after they got out of work and ate dinner. For anybody that's following the business model that John Chow uses, these types of situations don't happen. They're not inherent in the system.

  • John Chow doesn't make sales calls
    MTTB has professional staff that make all the calls and that's part of the system. That's great because most people that I've met aren't naturally born sales people nor do they want to be a sales pro.
  • John Chow doesn't accept phone calls
    - In fact, his business card has no phone number. It says: "You don't call me, I'll call you!". Pretty funny, but that's part of his "Dot Com Lifestyle" model.
  • John Chow doesn't focus on building a business at meetings
    - His business is built from a blog that runs 24/7 and generates business through the internet across the whole world.
  • John Chow doesn't chase after his friends and family members
    - He focuses on attracting people that are highly interested in making money online.
  • What John Chow does do is build his business anywhere, anytime, any place he wants while hanging out with his daughter Sally.

Just looking at what he doesn't do, I'm sure that you can see how much time that opens up. John is a blogger and he blogs when he wants and where he wants to.

How This Applies To You

Most people that I've met don't have a lot of free time. Some people are busy working and some people are busy with their family. There could be many reasons. When I was a financial consultant, I found out that most people in our nation didn't even have enough money to retire at the typical retirement age. A recent NRIS study showed that "the median retirement account balance is $3,000 for all working-age households and $12,000 for near-retirement households." I've also met a lot of people that are living paycheck to paycheck. With barely any savings and not enough income, I'm sure you could realize how appealing it is to create additional income streams.

What's great about the business model that John uses is that you can build 4+ figure income a month just by spending 1-2 hours a day when you want and where you want. In fact, John runs a million dollar business just spending 2 hours a day. Cool huh?

If you'd like to learn all of the details of how John Chow makes money online, check out the ultimate business model that he uses.