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GVO Review

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GVO Review

January 11, 2018 - 22:38

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This GVO review was originally created in 2011.  Over the years I've turned to web hosting companies that have proven themselves over the long haul.  The 2 that I recommend now are A2 Hosting and Siteground.   If you're just starting out, then I would recommend Siteground over A2 Hosting since they're interface is newbie friendly.  Otherwise, I highly recommend A2 Hosting.

GVO isn't just a website hosting company, they offer a marketing toolkit geared for "internet marketers". While GVO was only created in October 2009, it's history and experience goes back to over 12 years ago.  Let me explain why I've been using GVO for my business: 

  • They offer a rock solid website hosting service
  • They have a very affordable autoresponder system with a high delivery rate
  • They offer public and private video hosting
  • They offer a small-group web conferencing system
  • They offer an automatic blog creation system

GVO's rock solid website hosting service

Regarding stability and performance

Since the mid-90's, I've tried out dozens of website hosting services. Nothing has come close to the level of stability and service that GVO has provided me.

The Titanium reseller account that I got first has been working well for me since 2009. I haven't noticed an significant levels of downtime and the performance has been quick for both static and dynamic (database) data.

The 2nd account that I have with GVO had a rough start. I did notice that my site was pretty slow and was down quite a bit. The GVO team worked hard in transferring my site over to another server and I everything has been working well since.

Regarding customer service

If you're a mass website builder, you'll realize that excellent support is extremely rare. Many of the big hosting companies use overseas support companies that only can provide templated responses...and then you have to wait days until you receive advanced technical support.

What I like about GVO is that they have "experienced" staff to offer support - and I get answers within an hour for my low-to-medium priority tickets...and sometimes within several minutes. Since the staff is experienced, there isn't much back-and-forth communication trying to figure out what was wrong. Many times they have the right answer within the first response.

Titanium vs Platinum Package - Which One is Better for You?

(Update January 11, 2018)

GVO now offers an affordable package that starts at $3.95/month. 

If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you’ll want to check out the Host Then Profits package that starts at less than $10 a month.

When I first started, I purchased the Titanium package right away. Why? Because GVO offers unlimited campaigns for their e-Responder email marketing system. With the Platinum package, you can only have 1 email campaign. Also, the Titanium package offers unlimited video hosting with their Easy Video Producer video system. With the Platinum account, you can only host 3 videos.

Their Blogger Builder system is unlimited with the Titanium package. With the Platinum package, you can only set up 3 blogs using the system (but you can still setup an unlimited amount of websites outside of the Blogger Builder. Those are the biggest differences that I've recognized. At the time of writing this review, the Titanium package goes for $44.94, while the Platinum package goes for $24.95. Another thing to note is that the Titanium package is a reseller account and the Platinum package is a shared hosting account.


GVO offers a lot of great marketing tools. If you want to make a fair comparison, you have to add all of the features together and also the convenience of an all-in-1 package. If you're not looking for hosting videos or using an autoresponder, then there are other systems that I would recommend. However, if you're like me and you want to generate leads, build relationships via email and videos, and you want a high-performance web hosting company that offers excellent support, then GVO is a great option!