How Your Home-Based Business Can Succeed Using Attraction Marketing

Digital Marketing 23 Aug, 2018

Are you looking to start your own home-based business? Are you having problems gaining new customers? We are here to help you learn about attraction marketing. A strategy that has helped many home-businesses gain success.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is a marketing strategy that is designed to attract customers to you. It is commonly used by home-based business owners and has given them success. Instead of you, as a business owner chasing for customers. Customers will seek out for you if you use this strategy the right way.

There are two common reasons why businesses fail. These are money and leads. Running out of leads hurts your income. One reason why you're running out of leads would be your business is "dry". This means there is nothing within your business that makes customers want to keep coming back. Attraction marketing helps you build your reputation popularity that customers will come flocking.

How Does Attraction Marketing Work?

There are many ways of implementing an attraction marketing strategy. But there are specific steps to follow if you want it to succeed. Attraction marketing is all about promoting yourself and your business. Here are the steps to a successful attraction marketing strategy:

  • Build your Brand - Brand does not just equate to the products your selling. It's all about your business, products and YOURSELF. Build up your brand by creating buzz around you. Most home-based businesses interact with customers on a personal level. Customers do not want to buy from someone who is not approachable, has no knowledge of what they're selling and has bad customer service. You also need to build a reputation around your business. Think of something that will set you apart from the competition. Things like having excellent customer service, inexpensive products, and constant marketing campaigns help grow your brand.
  • Know your Focused Customer Group - Home-based businesses should know who their target customers are. It helps you give direction on where to build your brand. Identify their demographics. It can be their age, hobbies, interests, finance, demand, location, etc…
  • Know your Customer's preference and complaints - Now you know your focused customer group's demographics. You should hear what they would like in a business or their previous experience in other business. This gives you an idea what to do and what to avoid in your business operation. For example, most of your customers had previous problems of not having an option to buy online with a previous business. Using this information, you set up an online shop for your business. Customers are satisfied and give you excellent reviews. These reviews help attract potential customers.
  • Address Customer's preference and complaints - Customers always like excellent service. When you address their needs, they are satisfied. When customers' are satisfied they are likely to spread the word about your business. This helps in growing your brand.
  • Build a Relationship with your customers - Home-based businesses build a relationship with their customers to keep them satisfied. People like to do business with people whom they like and trust. Oftentimes business owners tend to relax because they have established trust with their customers and their quality of service goes down. Take note that you are maintaining customer relations not only to keep old customers but to attract new customers.

How Do I Grow My Brand?

  • Dress to Impress - It does not only mean to dress in proper clothing. You don't want to sell medical supplements dress in a shirt and jeans. Your business area and website should be designed according to your target customers. If your target customers are aged 50+ then you should make your website look simple and accessible.
  • Make your Brand Memorable - When you hear the phrase "just do it", Nike usually comes to your mind. Create your own business logo and slogan to help customers identify you. You can use stickers, t-shirts, and pins to spread your brand.
  • Be Practical - Most customers will doubt anything if it's too good to be true. It's good to hype up your business but you should know your limit. You might end up disappointing customers' expectation. Or you could lose out a profit in order to push through a costly marketing campaign. Set a standard for your business. Customers will know what to expect from your business based on the standards you set.
  • Build and Manage Your Network - building up your customer networks leads to the spread of your brand. Do keep in mind also that unsatisfied customers can spread your brand in a negative way. It's important to manage your network and keep them satisfied. Fast responsive customer service helps to keep them satisfied. Most home-based businesses use a referral system to spread their brand. This is by giving out incentives to customers for helping you gain new customers. Not only does this make customers satisfied but it motivates them to spread your brand.

Does Attraction Marketing Really Work?

The only way to prove if it really works is through actual cases. You might have heard of Xiaomi. They are a smartphone manufacturing company that has dominated India. With very known competitors like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and Huawei, how did Xiaomi pull it off?

Their branding is centered around selling affordable phones with good quality. This appealed to Indian consumers who are looking for cheap phones. How can they afford to lower product price without compromising quality? They used attraction marketing and did not bother to spend on tv and media advertising. They let their customers spread their brand and now they are a $100 billion business.

If you're a network marketer or in a service-oriented business, you an use attraction marketing to get more leads, prospects, and more sales.  Check out my Solid Income Formula to learn more.

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