How to Build Your Business List?

I was checking out a recent post about social media versus email marketing. The guy that created the post was a well known marketer in the internet marketing space. He stated that it was more powerful to have an email list of 10,000 subscribers versus having 100,000 Facebook followers from non-paid campaigns.

This makes me think about an old saying: "the money is in the list". What is building a list? It's generating your own leads. Online you can do this by using lead capture pages and an email marketing/autoresponder system.

So if you're just starting to build an email list, you might be wondering:

Should you build your email list from scratch or use a pre-existing email list?

In this video, 8-figure marketer, Matt Lloyd, mentions that building a list from scratch is a good idea.

Think about this. Let's say that you've collected a bunch of business cards over the last few years. You compile a list from all those cards and then you email them. Think about the mindset of the person receiving the email. First, they never asked for your emails or your help. Second, they may not be interested in what you're offering. Third, it's pretty spammy sending out emails to people that never opted into your marketing funnel.

In the video, Matt mentions one of his favorite autoresponder / email marketing course. It's called "Autoresponder Madness" from Andre Chaperon. Andre is a master at creating sales pulling email funnels. You can check it out if you want to jump start your business and build your own email marketing list!