7 Tips About SEO Lead Generation

7 Secret SEO Facts
Are you using search engine optimization (SEO) for lead generation?   Imagine a pool of 1000's of competitors.  How will you compete against them?  What if you're number 49 out of 300,000 listing on Google?  Is that good enough?  In this post, we'll go over this infographic and how you can turn more visitors into leads!

What If I Have 1000's of Competitors?

It might seem daunting to compete with 1000's of competitors online,  but you're bound to find lots of them in markets that have a huge potential to make money online.  So what do you do in this situation?  Be the smarter competitor!  Most of your competition probably doesn't know too much about effective strategies for building a business and more traffic using the internet.  So have faith in yourself and learn how to become a smart marketer!

What Google Ranking Are You?

Being 49 amongst 300,000 competing listings might sound good, but what you should know is that  91% of the people that search for a keyword don't go past page 1.  So knowing that, your goal is to get on page 1 of Google!  If you're not an SEO expert, focus on keywords that aren't as competitive.  If you're focusing on keywords that have over 100,000 competing pages, look for ones that have less.  If you can find keywords to target that have less than 50,000 listings (with the keyword in the title), then you'll be better off .

Is Your Website Designed For Mobile?

A big part of getting more business online is to make sure that your website adapts to smaller device like smartphones (ie. Android and Iphones) and tablets (ie. Galaxy Tabs and Ipads).  According to this infographic, 50% of the searches are mobile on average and 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to pages designed for conversions.  Out of these 7 tips,  2 of them  (28+%) are mobile focused.   This means that having a mobile theme or template can help your lead conversions online.

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