Mission Statement: To empower small business owners so that they can generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

It's been 5 years since I owned this domain and I finally decided to make it useful:) At first, this site started as a photo blog. After a few vacations and hundreds of photos later, I realized that it was easier to share pics on photo sharing sites. Years past and nothing happened with this blog, until I decided to finally take action!

About Charles

I'm a multifaceted kinda dude. I'm into martial arts, foreign movies, progressive music, and I've traveled to over 200 cities around the world. While I've received a B.S. in engineering, I've been professionally involved in financial consulting and in the IT field as well.

About Charles and the Internet

I started learning how to build websites with plain HTML back well over a decade ago and got started in affiliate marketing. Since then, I've implemented and tested dozens of marketing strategies and have helped many others build their businesses online.

My Goals For This Site

My primary goal on this site is to help small business owners accelerate their business through the usage of automation. For example, I used to generate the majority of my leads through cold calling, knocking on doors, and local workshops. Those strategies still do work, but I could reach a large audience faster using automated strategies. Right now, we have the internet and computers that can handle a lot of work load if they're set up to do so. You can leverage technology to build your business faster than using traditional methods and I can help you do that! Other than small business strategies, I'll also share some interesting stuff that I've learned over the years that I believe you can truly benefit from. I'm into a lot of things and I'll be posting a bunch of articles, videos, and podcasts that I feel is worthy of sharing! So stay tuned!

Have an excellent day!

Charles @ SolidIncome.NET