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Can I Start Up a Low Cost Internet Business and Make a Fortune?

I received a question recently about starting a home business on a tight budget (or no budget). I'd like to offer my opinion. Hope it helps!


I’m broke and have no money.  I lost my job and have kids to feed.  How can I start making money online?  Is it really possible to build a home-based business in my situation?

Online MLM Prospecting–How to Use a Home Business Blog to Magnetically Attract the Right Prospects Fast!

imageWhat if there was a way to attract MLM prospects instead of chasing after them?  That was something that I wish I knew the answer to over a couple of decades ago when I started in a company called Amway.  Prospecting in the cold market for a couple of

How Does Google’s Penguin Update Affect Your Home Based Business?

Back in the golden days of SEO, you could slap up some websites with a bunch of keyword rich content and rank highly in the search engines.  At that time, content was king and you didn’t need much backlinks to get a lot of visitors – even in the home based business realm.  It didn’t really matter how good the content was…even trash content ranked!

Social Media Optimization–Increase Your Brand Visibility and Engage Your Followers!

Have you tried to market your business using social media?  It’s not as easy as it used to be.  People are getting banned or suspended left and right using aggressive marketing strategies on sites like Facebook.

One of the common mistakes is using old advice.  In the social media realm, old advice could have been something that you heard about several months ago.  Yeah, info does get old if you’re using aggressive strategies.

Get Your Facebook Friends and Fans Engaged!

Have you ever thought about ways to boost your social media marketing on Facebook?  There’s more to it than creating a Facebook fan page or posting status updates.  Those work, but you can do more to engage your audiences.

Here’s a great post from Lee Odden.  He provides 12 tips on how to interact with your Facebook audience.  In his post, you’ll learn about using images, encouraging sharing, polls, holiday wishes, challenges, and a lot more!  I’ve tried many of these and they certainly do work!

Common Wordpress Mistakes that Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them!

Wordpress is easy right?  All you have to do is install it (or have it installed) and start blogging away?  …Well, that’s what the guru’s tell you.

If you’re trying to build authority using your blog, you’ll have to change your mindset.  Instead of set it and forget it, you'll have to have the mindset of constant learning and doing.  Things change in the blogosphere and you should become familiar with what will enhance your business…and what mistakes you should avoid!

Facebook Promoted Posts–Use These Tips to Build Your Home Based Business

Have you ever wondered what Facebook promoted posts are all about?  I just noticed a link near my status updates just a month ago. It might have been there longer, but it peaked my curiosity on how people could use it to build their home-based business, MLM, or affiliate business.

So I started digging around and found this article.  Check it out.  You’ll learn how to squeeze as much results as possible from your social media marketing on Facebook!